What Startups will be big in 2009?

So the wrap-ups of the best apps of 2008 are nearly over and its now time to look to the future for whats going to rule the intertubes in 2009.


2008 was a huge year for mobile applications and startups and 09 is only going to be bigger.  Expect every popular web app you use to have a mobile equivalent - this is already partly the case.  Android will become more popular and we might even see a Microsoft app store in 2009.

Watch out for startups offering mobile advertising for apps which are geotargeted (this could be a huge business)

The Cloud

The rise of Netbooks will make cloud computing all the more useful.  My thinking, is that more people will use online storage, apps such Google Docs and MobileMe.

Watch out for a cloud based music service from the big labels.  Can they innovate?

Everything Geo

Every Tweet, picture, video and post you make will be Geotagged.  Its in the best interests of Google and the other big players to know your location so as to serve you the long tail of advertising. Plus it will make searching for pictures and videos more relevant and a geo-tagged web opens a huge realm of opportunities for developers.

Again watch out for geo-targeted ad networks

Massively Multiplayer Iphone

An MMORPG on the iPhone would equal huge dollars for anyone who can make it successfully. But also expect to see a whole range of new Multiplayer casual games, Second Life clones and more all on the iPhone or Android platform.

What are your predictions for 2009?  Have I got it completely wrong? [/private][/private]

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