What To Do When You Can't Be Bothered

Today was just one of those days. You know the one, where the day  just drifts on by, you can't get into the groove and you don't manage to get anything done.  No matter how many "to do" lists you write, sometimes you just have to accept that these days are gonna happen.

I woke up feeling productive.  I had lots of thing in my schedule and the day started alright.  However, after half finishing a blog post, things started to go downhill.  Motivation was drained.  I started to get worried - I have deadlines and projects to complete.  It was at this point, where I decided to stop myself, stop the negative thinking and take a step back.

From past experiences, if I was to "force" myself to try and work, I would end up producing crappy results.  So instead of working today, I spent it just chilling out, watching a bit of TV, doing some exercise and giving my brain a break.

Without knowing it, I still managed to get work done.  I wrote this post to start with, and came up with following list of things to do when I cant be f#@%ed

The Somewhat Incomplete List of Things You Can Do When You Can't be F$(#ed doing anything that you're supposed to be doing.

Thank Someone on Twitter

Surely, someone in your Twitter stream has offered some cool or valuable information over the past day.  Go back through the stream and pick out someone to say thanks to.  You'll feel good.  So will they. Win win!  Effort required: 1/10

Delete All Your Icons on Your Desktop

Its amazing how crowed your desktop becomes over time.  UI wise your desktop is badly designed.  So get rid of every single icon and then put back only the icons you use on a daily basis.   You've just saved yourself lots of time in the future! Effort required 2/10

Reuse Your Old Content

So you can't be bothered creating anything new.  So instead, just grab your old posts and make a "best of" article.  If you're feeling even slightly inspired you could add a unique commentary to each link.  Effort Required 3/10

Tweak Your Sidebar

This ones for the bloggers.  Take a look at your sidebar and see what can be removed.  Often its full of dead blogroll links, old badges and "it looked like a good idea at the time" widgets.  It you were smart, you would have already been using and installed Crazyegg, so you know exactly whats effective on your sidebar and whats not.  Effort 4/10

Make a Video

This one sounds difficult, but fear not, its as simple as turning on a camera and talking.  This video doesn't need to be shown to anyone, instead use it as a way to quickly get all your thoughts out.  Your current lack of motivation may be due to your brain being stuck in a loop (very scientific).  Effort Required 5/10

Shred Something

If you don't own a paper shredder you're missing out on a whole lot of fun.  Its like a grown up toy, that makes noises and everything!  If you're anything like me, you probably have some useless paper items that need a good shredding.  You'll be cleaning up and having fun at the same time.  Effort Required 3/10

Go on a Blog Adventure

Ok heres how it works.  Start on Twitter, your RSS reader or wherever you get your content from.  Find a story, it doesn't matter if you've read it before.  Click through, read the article (if you can be bothered) and then head on down to the comments.  Click on a random commentators URL to be taken to their site.  Then simply find a comment on that site and keep your adventure going.  I made it into a game (sometimes I get really bored) and tried to see how far I could go before I hit a blog with no comments (my record is 12, its surprisingly hard).  Effort Required 6/10

What You Definitely Should Not Do


Do you find yourself in an endless loop? Stop checking your inbox.  Checking it repeatedly is called insanity.

Get Angry

Chill out, stop being a productivity nerd. You can afford to take a step back (maybe i'm wrong. Maybe if you don't check your inbox one more time, you'll miss out on the nice offer from Mr Zimaabu from Nigeria who wants to transfer 1 million dollars to you.)


Just like email, if its the weekend and the middle of the night, there is really no point on being on Twitter/Facebook/whatever.  Take a break, stop being annoyed by other people not Tweeting.

There you go.  My lazy guide to doing nothing.  Of course the ironic thing is, if you were to do everything on this post you would probably have a very productive day.  And this unproductive day of mine resulted in this post....im cured.

live a little

Photo by - Spencer Finnley

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