How to Feel a Burning Sense of Passion

Well, this will be the last post before Christmas!  Hope you guys have an awesome festive season - remember to indulge.  I'll be back into the swing of things straight after Christmas.

We all want to be successful, and we all want to feel passionate about something.  But sometimes you may lack the little bit of drive and motivation and find yourself in a funk.

One of my passions is User interface Design - yes, that does sound ridiculously boring and it is for most people.  But im a User Interface nut.  This passion of mine, also happens to form the cornerstone of what I do for a living, so its essential I stay passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.

After becoming sick and tired of being in a "funk", I developed a sure-fire way to get myself back in the game and rekindle that burning sense of passion.


A lack of passion is often correlated to a lack of inspiration.   When i'm feeling like inspiration has deserted me I turn to a failsafe - reading.  There are a number of books which almost instantly cause my brain to shoot into overdrive.  These include Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Workweek and the classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.  For me, these books are full of inspirational stories and ideas.   I'm sure you have a couple of books which have the same effect on you.


Nothing is more powerful a motivator than a fast approaching deadline.  If you haven't set yourself a deadline on a project and wondering why you have no passion for it, it may be due to the fact your letting yourself drift.

By default we're inefficient workers.  Remember only 20% of the work we do will create 80% of the result:

Set yourself a deadline 3 months away to complete a project and you'll just drift along.  But set the same project to be completed in 3 weeks and you'll be amazed at how efficent you can actually be.

Motivational Reminders

Sure, motivational reminders can be extremly lame.  I don't want to receive an email telling me "I can do it!".  Instead, I want something though provoking and inspiring.   For example, I often use DailyZen - which is updated daily with Buddist and Zen teachings.

By the time a figure out what the hell the daily quote means, i'm actually feel like I've acheived something.    And its this sense of achievement which further drives my sense of passion.

Information Overload

I there really such thing as an information overload for Generation Y?  I'm sure its possible to take in to much information, yet at the same time, I think its essential to continuously seek out new information to keep your passion burning.

These new ideas and information should be a constant source of questioning.  If you don't consntaly question and redefine your passion, it will become boring and stale.  Your goal should always be to move your passion forward, to improve and expand on your ideas.

Reward Yourself

And finaly, when I have gotten back on track and my sense of passion is burning strong, I take the time to reward myself with the freedom to procrastinate.   Sometimes, we need to switch off and let our focus take a turn to something else.  You can't expect to be switched on and full of burning passion 100% of the time.

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