While You Were On Facebook

Facebook sucks

It doesn't suck in the sense of privacy issues or terms of service (I'll let someone else debate that), rather it sucks in the sense of time.  Quite literally its sucking up your time.

I've haven't logged onto Facebook for a good month or so now, and I'm not missing it one bit.  I still get sent Friend Requests, and the weekly Facebook Fan Page (Task.fm) update, but thats about my involvement with the site.  No more Farmville, no more pokes and definitely no more Facebook chat.

I looked at Facebook one day and thought "My God, what the hell am I doing here?".

When I looked at my activity, all I was doing was looking at drunk pictures of friends and the mindless chatter that ensued.    If you get kicks out of that, then be my guest, go ahead, Facebook is your friend.  But for me, this felt like one giant waste of time.

So Facebook is gone.

The average user spends 100 minutes on Facebook every week -- thats average, I know many a person who spends twice that amount of time each and every day.  So instead of poking, I've decided to spend my 100 minutes on something more worthwhile....

While You Were On Facebook

While You Were on Facebook, is a movement I can really get behind.  Its a challenge to see what people can come up with, by dedicating the time they would be on Facebook to something actually worthwhile.

My attempt is well underway and here's a sneak peak:

So I challenge you - yes you (the peeps who keep sending me annoying Fan requests) to jump off Facebook and actually make something cool.    Write an ebook, code an app, takes some photographs .  Head on over to this page to grab all the details (props to Karl Stolley for setting this up).

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