Why I Love Google

Seems like a day wouldn't be complete with someone writing about what Google is doing wrong/what they should be doing/they are evil.  But in reality, we all rely on Google everyday.  I couldn't do what I do without Google.  So its time for a little bit of love.

Here is why I love Google - aka why simple and minimal software solutions rock

I Don't Need a URL

I don't need to remember a URL.  All I need to do is type a couple of words into my address bar (Firefox and Chrome) and I'm redirected to exactly what I was looking for .  Imagine just how much revenue Google is losing by redirecting you straight to the website.  They could easily take you to Google.  By allowing software developers like Mozilla to integrate this feature in a browser, Google is supporting the best iteration of search I've ever seen - search without even thinking - many people probably don't even realise they are Googling.

Email me @feint.me

Thats right, I don't have to put up with a third party domain in my email.    Before Google released Google Apps for the Domain, we were stuck with horribly designed mail interfaces that came bundled with hosting accounts.  There were a handful of slightly better paid services but theses were all PAID.    Google gave us free storage for email on our own domains.  This is a lifesaver for startups.  Email is now free and something we don't even need to think about.  Props to Google for making email truly free.

Keeping True to their Core

Search is the core of Google.  Sure Google are trying social experiments with Buzz and Wave (remember Dodgeball), but never have these projects interfered with the core.    The Google homepage has remained the same.  We will never see a "social stream" on our Google Homepage - that search box is going nowhere.  Its easy to forget just how little Google has changed this core product.

So there you go.  A little love for Google.

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