Why You Should Build a Web App

The only way you're going to truly fail is by not trying in the first place

It was a typical Friday night.  I was wrapping things up for the week as usual, when an interesting email caught my eye.  It was from a journalist I had had dealings with in the past,  with some very exciting news..

" I'm doing a segment Monday on the Today Show about some of our favorite useful websites, and I'd love to include Task.fm"

Task.fm being my site and the Today Show being that morning program broadcast out to 6 million people, made me a little excited (I lie, I was jumping through the rood)    The email went on..

"Any chance you have a b-roll of the site"

"What the hells a broll?" I thought to myself.  I had never heard the term before. And not only did I need to create a b-roll (which I later discovered is the background footage of your app played during the story), It needed to be done within the next couple of hours.  What followed was an adrenalin fuelled race around the interwebs, involving a crash course in video production and the eventual creation of my very first, and only b-roll.

And yes that humble footage was shown on the Today Show.

One of Many

This was one of many "I can't believe I'm doing this" moments I've had building Task.fm. Founding a startup is a crazy, crazy lifestyle which I'm sure many a founder will attest to.   After seeing so much advice regarding affiliate marketing, blogging, mlm (scam) schemes etc etc, I want to present a completely different option.  One that I believe, is in a league of its own.

Been There, Done That

I've done affiliate marketing, I still do some.  I've built blogs, worked as a freelance writer, and flipped sites for thousands of dollars.  All of these journeys were a fun ride, but nothing has come close to what I am doing right now.

A Feel Good Scenario

Affiliate marketing is not changing the world.  Its certainly not adding value to someone's life (most of the time).

On the other hand building a web app has the potential to change how people live their lives.  Everyday, somewhere in the world, a founder receives an email from a true, loyal user, explaining how they couldn't possibly live without the app.

Of course, you can get this same feeling in many other ways. I'm not writing this post to knock affiliate marketing or other similar business practices.  I simply want to instill the belief that if you have an idea, you can make it happen.

A Crazy Thrill Ride

Building a startup is a crazy thrill ride.  Filled with ups and downs.   It would quite tame if these "ups and downs" were predictable.  But rather, when you expect to be on a high, you feel like crap and when things seem impossible you're on top of the world.

This unpredictable rollercoaster ride can be set off by the most innocent of triggers. It could be a simple support email, or a review by a journalist.  Something as short as a tweet by a loyal user could send the adrenalin pumping.

You will live, eat, sleep and breath your application.

The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

I'm sure the hardest things in my life are yet to come.  Besides im just an immature 21 year old.  But, without a doubt in mind, building Task.fm has been the hardest thing I've ever done.  When you become so passionately involved in something, it becomes all the more difficult.

But do I care that its difficult.  Not at all.  I just happen to be loving every moment.   Overcoming adversity makes the reward so much sweeter.

Get Inspired

Your Turn

Now you could stick to your passive income, get rich quick schemes or affiliate marketing.  And hey, if they work for you, then you should stick to them.

Or....maybe, just maybe, you could change the world.

Photo by - Cayusa

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