Would You Pay to Bookmark?

Would you pay to bookmark links?

Pinboard, a relatively new bookmarking site (I was tempted to call it a "social bookmarking" site, but apparently its not) which charges users a small fee to access the site.   The fee (which currently stands at $5.13 and increases with the number of members) is to discourage spammers and pay for the site costs.

However, I can't see this fee discouraging spammers - as I can't see it being a target in the first place.  As far as I can see, Pinboard has no social features, meaning spammers would find no benefit in posting links.  When you bookmark a link its only visible to you.

So basically - what you are paying for is a secure place to host your bookmarks.  Which doesn't seem all that silly.  Hosting bookmarks in the cloud has become extremely popular.  Unlike cloud based office suites, bookmarks in the cloud offer users a low barrier of entry - with plugins galore (delicious), users don't even need to change their browsing habits.  The iphone, netbooks and now even internet on our TV's mean we need access to our bookmarks on an increasing number of devices.  So yes, a hosted bookmark solution is definitely something we all need.

The Chrome Alternative

An upcoming release of Google Chrome will introduce bookmark syncing.  Unlike Apple's Mobile Me offering, this will be free.

However your bookmarks will be stuck in Chrome - meaning no smartphone access.

So it seems, we could possible be shifting away from social bookmarking (which is being replaced by Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook) and towards "bookmark hosting".   We don't necessarily need the social features attached to the actual bookmark service, instead we can simply tweet a link when we want to make it "social".

Im Sticking with Del.icio.us

I really want to be convinced into using Pinboard.  I think there is something exciting in this concept, but I just havnt figured it out yet.    I would pay for reliability, no spam and access on multiple devices - but right now, Delicious does this for me, really well.

Pinboard needs a killer feature.

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