Your Idea Rocks

Naysayers come with the territory!

When you put your ideas out there and show them off to the world, without a doubt, no matter who you are or what you've previously done - people are going to say "no".

"No that's a silly idea"

"No way am I going to recommend this product"

"No, I can't see this ever being profitable"

Welcome to the world of the entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs see opportunities where others cannot.  And furthermore they act on these opportunities when no one else wants to.   Therefore,  you'll be chartering unexplored territories, you can't possibly expect everybody to understand.

Talk to the Right People

Your family and friends will often be the worst people to test your ideas out on.  More often then not, they won't be your target audience.    I've also found, they really want to protect you from the so called "harsh realities of life", and don't want to see you get burned by a chasing a bad dream.    Don't get angry at them - they are entitled to act like this.

Instead, test your idea out on your target market.  Who are the people that will be benefited most by your idea?  Don't be put off if they aren't 100% with.  That's ok.  Use their thoughts to help refine or identify possible holes in your problem .  But most importantly don't give up.

But Your Idea Really Does Suck

Sure, history shows that some ideas were complete flops. But these flops formed some important lessons for some of the most successful entrepreneurs in history - yes all entrepreneurs had their failures.  But they're looked at, as part of the journey to success.

Remember this - You're 100% guaranteed to fail if you never take your idea and put it to the test.  So get out there and create.

oh and btw, your idea rocks!

Photo by - brunkfordbraun

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