You've Just Got to Do it

2104791931_0be8b4ac6aMy problem isn't related to productivity - I have no issue there.  My issue is with motivation.  And to be honest its been bugging me for the past few weeks.  So I thought I would jot down some thoughts on the issue and set myself a little bit of a challenge.

I got to a stage last week, where I realised that I was doing to much "sitting on the sidelines" and not enough actual "doing".    Its all very well to read 50+ blogs everyday and learn everything you possibly can about startups, productivity and lifestyle design (my passions), yet at the end of the day this information is useless unless your actually doing something.

I told myself  - Just do it.

This is a trap I think many people fall into.  They keep reading and reading, learning more and more and lulled into a sense of accomplishment.  However,  what good is knowledge if you don't have the guts to actually use it.

So i'm setting myself a goal for the coming week - write 50 blogs.  What good is 50 blog posts or articles?  Basically its a challenge.  I know if I can complete it, i'm going to be super excited, but more importantly it will be actually fulfilling a number of commitments I need to complete.  For example, I've got a backlog of guest posts I need to complete (let me know if you would like one too), I need backup content for my companies blog over the holiday season and I have let a number of sites slide recently without any fresh content.

So as you can see, a challenge like this is a great idea.  Of course it doesn't need to involve blogging - I simply chose it because its something I enjoy, I know how to monetise (which is an added incentive) and will have a lasting impact.

Have you drifted off into an endless learning cycle?  Maybe you should set yourself a challenge as well.  I'll keep you updated on Twitter on how im doing.  Let me know if you set yourself a challenge.

Photo by - kwerfeldein

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