You've Only Got 5 Minutes to Read This Post

Parkinson's law dictates that a task will expand to fit the time given.  Therefore, if you said you had 1 hour to read this post, even though it would clearly take less than 5, you would end up procrastinating for 55 minutes before actually finishing the post.

Tis why deadlines are so important.

Write an Ebook in 2 Weeks

Recently, I set about creating an info-product.  Previously when creating these products I wouldn't set myself a deadline.  Instead, I thought I would be uber productive and simply aim to write 1000 words in a day.  This was the wrong way to go about things.  The product creating process dragged on and it took months to finish the product.

This time was different however.  I decided to set myself a deadline just 2 weeks away.  After setting the deadline, I then broke down how much work was needed to effectively reach the deadline in time.  And 2 weeks later the ebook was done.

Set Short Term Deadlines

Deadlines work best when they are just around the corner.  Deadlines that are set months away, tend to be forgotten and you lose that vital sense of urgency.

For individual tasks, set deadlines of a few hours.  For projects set a deadline in a week or two.  Any longer and a deadlines loses its effectiveness.


Of course deadlines only work when you remember them.  So set yourself regular reminders to make sure the deadline stays fresh in your memory.  (Of course, you should use my own app ;) )

Push Your Limits

You're probably a lot more productive than you think you are.  By default, businesses and corporations are unproductive environments, and if you work in a corporate job, statistics show you spend less than 20% of your time their actually doing any work.

Setting yourself smart deadlines could be the easiest and fastest way to becoming more productive.

Let me know your thoughts.

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